Board of Directors 
Nomsa Helene Brathwaite

Kwame Brathwaite 


Cinque Brathwaite
Vice President:  
Robert Gumbs
Co-Founder & Parliamentarian:  
Dr. Georgina Falu
& Treasurer:  
Joslin Cantave
Daa'iya Sanusi
Who We Are

The Elombe Brath Foundation, Inc. was formed
to honor the life, legacy and contributions of Elombe Brath.
The Elombe Brath Foundation (EBF) currently exists as a non-profit entity with a Board of Directors for which the membership participants have been named and are listed directly to the left of this writing. The foundation has been established to document and archive the legacy of Elombe Brath so that future generations may learn about and emulate his tremendous work and contributions. Elombe has truly touched, educated and inspired a countless number of individuals and freedom movements. It is for this reason that EBF plans to honor his life by continuing on this path and carrying out his wishes as we, the Board of Director’s and a council of elders and advisors, entailing close family, friends and comrades, have personally, borne witness. Furthermore, we will push forward Elombe’s legacy and vision by organizing and implementing the uncompleted programs he started. It is the hope and wishes of all EBF membership that our work will continue to inspire future leaders in his footsteps.